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How important are stretching and mobility exercises?

Many people do not know that muscle stretching must be done regularly. It is very important to be mindful of the body’s flexibility and mobility because that is how we protect our health. It’s not enough to build muscle and get fit. Stretching and exercise should become part of our daily routine. It is a way to keep the joints mobile and the muscles strong and flexible. Otherwise, they lose their natural elasticity and strength and their activation is reduced. Stiff muscles make it difficult to do proper muscle actions. If they cannot contract or relax properly, their performance will decrease and we will lose control over our movements. This puts us at risk of joint pain, sprains and muscle damage.

Simply put, stretching the muscles and muscle fascia is an intuitive movement and has a healing effect. After working at a desk and spending hours in a sitting position, you should stretch your neck and shoulders. When you finally get out of the car after a long drive in the afternoon rush hour, you have to stretch your legs. Likewise, you have to stretch in the morning when you get up, in order to start blood circulation and begin your day with more energy. Stretching and mobility exercises are the most effective for awakening our bodies.


If we suddenly strain and stretch tight muscles, when, for instance, we go to play an unplanned game of tennis or football with friends, damage can occur and that is not pleasant at all. Hence, we must know what we are doing. We must do everything we can as soon as possible, to remain flexible, mobile and, of course, healthy for as long as possible.

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